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Dark spot corrector combo

Dark spot corrector combo

Why use ELLEN ELLA's VC Sunscreen?

⭐️Upgraded golden vc contains golden VC Complex ingredients. Gold element is combined with vc to isolate vc from oxides and enhance the stabili。

⭐️Exposing to the sun's rays is able to cause sunburn, premature signs of aging and even skin cancer.

It's necessary for you to have sunscreen cream which can be used both at home and out of doors.This Skin Shield Origin Mineral Sunscreen provides broad spectrum protection,and is water and sweat resistant for up to 80 minutes.The active ingredients in it are TITANIUM DIOXIDE and ECTOIN that can effectively block UVA and UVB.It's hydrating but not greasy。

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👋 Specification:

✔️brand:ELLEN ELLA

✔️Item Type: whitening & Anti-aging

✔️Suitable for skin type: suitable for all skin types

✔️Shelf Life: 3 years


Vit C Serum:Fade darkspots in just 7 days

Vit C Cream:Brighten skinand preventsagging

Whitening Sunscreen:Protects from uvrays and unevenskin tone


Retinol: It is the number one anti-aging ingredient that prevents the breakdown of collagen and stimulates the body's production of new collagen.

-Vitamin C:Whitening skin,through the inhibition of tyrosinase activity, it can inhibits the melanin formation to bring back original whitening effect.

-Arbutin: It can effectively penetrate into the bottom of the skin, inhibit the formation of tyrosinase, reduce pigment accumulation, brighten and clean the skin

-Titanium dioxide: Strong UV blocking, prevent skin tanning, whiten and brighten skin.

-Ethylhexyl salicylate: Increase ultraviolet rays protection, prevent ultraviolet to the skin tanning and sunburn.

-Nicotinamide: Nicotinamide, also known as VB3, is the favored whitening ingredient in the skin community, which fights yellow dullness and brings back clarity

-HIGH PURITY ACTIVE VITAMIN C: Whitening--Reduce pigmentation to keep skin tender and bright

-Botanical Hyaluronic Acid-Assist Your Skin In Absorbing Moisture The Environment, Air Itself, & From Any Other Moisturizing Agent You Apply Next.

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